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How to make the benchy float

How to make the benchy float Engineers have always been intrigued by solving issues, investigating, being curious, and challenging the norm. The 3DBenchy is a 3D model specifically designed for testing the accuracy and capabilities of 3D printers. Created in 2015 by Creative Tools, it is free to download from Thingiverse and other model websites.…

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Press release: Make your 3D printer better

Press release, Aalborg, November 2022 Do you know how your 3D printing can improve if you invest in REALvision Pro slicer software? With REALvision Pro, you can enhance your 3D printing process and make better prints. It's easy to get a 3D print to 90% perfection, but the last 10% makes the difference, and that is what you can expect...

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3D printing infill patterns and their benefits

3D printing infill patterns to save time, material and money REALvision Pro features Controlling the infill structure of objects is an advantage in 3D printing compared to traditional manufacturing. In this article, we take a deep dive into infill structures and the supported settings with a focus on how the right choice can save you…

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