Discover the features of REALvision Pro

The 3D printer slicer software is continuously undergoing extensive user-driven development to strengthen its position as the best option in the market

Unlimited design freedom with REALvision Pro

Professional 3D printer software features at a glance

Maximize speed without compromising quality

We want 3D prints to be flawless, fast, and cost-effective.

REALvision Pro has built-in intelligence that automatically detects what is visible after printing and ensures the visible parts are printed nicely. The remaining non-visible parts are printed fast, maximizing the speed considering the flawless look.

In other words: we keep the perfect balance between when the printer needs to slow down to prioritize surface finish and when it is safe to speed up. This feature will save you both time and money.

Smart constraints based on your machine and material

For 3D printer software, balance is an absolute key to success. We want to exploit the 3D printer close to the machine and material limits. Coming from that, we shaped REALvision Pro as a material property-based slicing engine at its finest.

Material property-based slicing means entering the following information in the software to ensure the smart settings reflect the favored result. The settings are connected in this way:

  • Machine settings define the capabilities of the machine and limits material and quality settings.
  • The material settings describe how the machine extrudes and deposits material and limits quality settings.
  • Quality settings describe production wishes for the part.

Optimize your print with lattice infill structures

In REALvision Pro, it is possible to control different lattice structures inside the print directly in the software.

The lattice structures are isotropic and play an essential role in balancing speed, the print’s strength, and the surface’s quality.

REALvision Pro offers a wide possibility to optimize the physical properties of the part by having the option to use many different lattice structures (including Gyroids).

Maximum extrusion

Many 3D printers have the extruder as the bottleneck, so REALvision Pro includes features to exploit the entire capacity all the time. These extrusion features ensure that lines’ thickness is never compromised while running maximum extrusion.

Your printer will always operate at its limit, ensuring professional-level results even in edge cases. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind to be creative.

Layer height agnostic

What if you can change layer heights without manually changing other settings? We made this possible by building intelligence in REALvision Pro to keep the balance between settings.

When the layer height changes, the related settings automatically follow. This feature enables us to vary layer height throughout the print, either manually or automatically.

REALvision Pro is powerful and customizable

  • More than 150 settings at your fingertips
  • Impressive features such as modifiers and planned pause will bring your print to the next level

"Expert help" at your fingertips with tooltips

REALvision holds novice and expert users by hand if they want to journey into the settings menus and the over 150 individual settings.

Each tool comes with a tooltip that illustrates what the setting does and contains tips about how to use it to optimize your print.

Accurate time management

Planning a production time is essential for scheduling reasons, maximizing throughput, and customer care. So knowing the print time is significant.

REALvision Pro is the most accurate slicer in the market regarding knowing the actual print time, based on calculation and not on assumptions.

Modifiers - full control of strength and hardness

Modifiers are another cool feature. Production is not only about the shape of a model. It is also about the strength, hardness, and other physical properties of a part.
Use the modifiers feature to take full control of the internal regions of your produced parts and define infill properties freely and simply.

Automated support - the control is in your hand

The goal is to make every print successful, and the automated support feature is an opportunity to secure a flawless 3D printing experience.

Realizing that some users want the control in their own hands, a manual override can also be activated. The support structure of your choice is easily added and edited with a mouse click.

Create and re-use your favorite printing profiles

Are you tired of manually inputting printer and material settings every time you need to reprint a file?

Creating a printing profile is a simple process. Just configure your printer and material settings to your liking, then save those settings as a user profile. The next time you need to reprint a file with those same settings, select the corresponding user profile, and you’re ready to go.

Using user profiles not only saves you time and hassle but also ensures that your reprints are consistent and accurate.

Visualize your prints before you print: preview your object in both 2D and 3D

The preview feature in REALvision Pro provides a complete 2D and 3D simulation of your print, allowing you to see how it will look and ensuring that everything is correctly aligned and positioned. This way, you can ensure you have chosen the right profile and the needed print support.

The preview feature is easy to use. Upload your 3D model into our software and select the preview option. From there, you can rotate the model, zoom in and out, and view it from any angle. The 2D preview option allows you to see a flattened representation of the print to check your print layer by layer.

Unlink settings to apply different presets to different parts of your model

Do you want more control over your 3D prints? If you unlink the settings feature, you can apply different presets to different parts of your model, allowing you to fine-tune the print for speed, quality, or strength.

Unlinking settings is not just for the insides of your model. You can use it to customize any part of the print, including the outer shell, infill, support, and more. This feature allows you to adjust the print settings to achieve the desired outcome for each part of your model.

With the unlink settings feature, you can take your 3D printing to the next level by tailoring your print settings to the specific needs of your model. 

Speed, quality and strength

REALvision Pro 3D printer software features smart limits in Machine, Material, and Quality settings. That helps you to stay inside the balanced triangle between speed, quality, and strength. Smart settings support the beginner in quickly getting great results without complicating the experience. The expert user can dig into the more than 150 settings to take full advantage of their equipment and hold complete control within smart limits.