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Do you know how your 3D printing can be improved if you invest in REALvision Pro 3D printing software?

Professional 3D printing software adds value to the entire process. Getting your 3D print to the first 90% is not hard, but getting the last 10% out of your process is where the professional slicer makes the difference.

Are you using open-source slicer software on your expensive 3D printer? We often see the adverse between buying a costly printer and using free, open-source software for slicing.

Undoubtedly we are heading towards frictionless additive manufacturing with 3D printing technology. We don’t want to spend hours tweaking the settings to get the best results. It needs to be intuitive and easy to operate without compromising the freedom of manual adjustment.

Get the most out of your 3D printer

Take a closer look at what professional 3D printing software can offer:​

  • Powerful slicing tool allowing for high-quality prints and fast printing using our novel material property-based slicing engine at its finest 
  • Smart limits to stay inside safe settings
  • Superior material profile management
  • Great intuitive user interface – Visual tooltips that explain different settings
  • Complex features wrapped in the simple user interface, such as 3D lattice infills, setting modifiers, and manual support generation
  • Extensive features to be exploited by the expert user, including access to more than 150 settings
  • Professional first-level support

REALvision Pro has more than 10 years of user-driven development, previously only released as 3D printer manufacturer branded software – Now released for a general license plan.

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Speed, quality and strength

REALvision Pro features smart limits in Machine, Material, and Quality settings. That helps you to stay inside the balanced triangle between speed, quality, and strength. Smart settings support the beginner in quickly getting great results without complicating the experience. The expert user can dig into the more than 150 settings to take full advantage of their equipment and hold complete control within smart limits.

What is under the hood?

You will find a fine-tuned engine, which has been undergoing extensive development in close cooperation with a range of sophisticated 3D printer manufacturers and industrial partners.

We are now proud to launch REALvision Pro for general use and let all additive manufacturers benefit from an actual professional 3D printing setup.

For 3D printing, balance is an absolute key to success. We want to exploit the 3D printer close to the machine and material limits. Coming from that, we shaped REALvision Pro as a material property-based slicing engine at its finest.

Smart settings to favor the end result

Material property-based slicing means entering the following information in the software to ensure the smart settings reflect the favored result. The settings are connected in this way:

  • Machine settings define the capabilities of the machine and limits material and quality settings.
  • The material settings describe how the machine extrudes and deposits material and limits quality settings.
  • Quality settings describe production wishes for the part.