Own your brand, and control your software capabilities

Have you considered the advantages of having full control over customized build preparation software as unique as your printers? Empower your 3D printer with a branded slicer software

Make your printer better

It is like having your own software team, with all the advantages of a big solution with ongoing development, maintenance, and frequent releases – that you are in control of.

  • Get your own white label version of our advanced slicer software
  • We custom-fit it to your printer and with full control over settings, updates, and user settings
  • Your printer exploits its full capabilities while making sure users stay inside machine limits

Control your brand, own your software

We aim to strengthen your brand identity within the 3D industry while granting you complete control over your software strategy. By leveraging our white-label slicer solution, customized with your brand name, colors, and logo,

Our team will work closely with you to develop a slicer solution that seamlessly integrates with your printers and caters to the unique needs of your customers.

With your branded slicer solution, you will have complete authority over new updates, releases, and feature development. As your trusted software partner, we act as your external software team, providing unwavering support to you and your customers through our expertise and knowledge.

Partnerships is our way of working

As a Whitelabel customer, you have a massive influence on the future development of our software as you are a  part of our VIP community.

3D software team will customize features and offer support.
Access our customer driven roadmap and frequent updates
Proprietary technology is 100% developed and owned by Create it REAL
Trade secrets on print control and strategies are protected

Maximize printer performance

Our white-label slicer software is based on our proprietary core technology. Let your customers exploit your printers’ total capabilities with a totally tailored 3D slicer software solution.

  • Unlimited possibilities for novel features without compromising on functionality
  • Easy to use by hiding the complexity
  • Users only have access to relevant features
  • Shared roadmap with prioritized development

A 3D printer is only as good as the provided 3D printer software. We give you a chance to control your customers’ software and, at the same time, make your printer even better.

User-driven development

Benefit directly from our core strength in custom development. Through collaborations with manufacturers, industry specialists, and universities, we have created valuable features, innovative print strategies, and formidable capabilities.

As your partner, we meet your custom development needs, whether driven by customer demands or internal requirements. With over a decade of experience in the 3D printing industry, we deeply understand customer needs and market trends and consistently deliver robust solutions. Together, we turn your dreams into reality.

Case Fusion3

Professional American 3D printer manufacturer

“With this collaboration, we were able to better control our own destiny, and provide the slicing solution that our customers need right now. Fusion3 is focused on delivering affordable, high-performance 3D printers to our commercial and high-end education customers. The addition of REACTOR takes our printers’ performance to even higher levels.”

Chip Royce​, CEO at Fusion3 Design​

Business cases

  • Custom-fit to your printer models and with complete control over features, updates, and user settings
  • Your printers exploit the full capabilities while making sure users stay inside machine limits
  • You will have access to influence our roadmap and development of new features and settings
  • We are specialists in customized solutions and specific feature development based on customer cases

Intellectual property technology that protects your technology as well

  • Proprietary technology is 100% developed and owned by Create it REAL
  • Trade secrets on print control and strategies are protected
  • Your unique know-how in the configuration of material and printers
  • Protected against reverse engineering