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Value-adding plug-in program makes it possible to design the 3D prints of your wildest imagination.

Please dig into our plug-in section for REALvision Pro 3D printer software. This exciting segment allows us to collaborate with industry partners and third-party developers to offer you even more tools and capabilities. With the plug-ins, you can access a broader range of features without investing in expensive CAM solutions. You can customize your software to your specific needs and budget by purchasing only the plug-ins you need. We’re thrilled to offer this extension to our software, and we hope you’ll try it out and see how it can revolutionize your 3D printing workflow.

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How to buy a plug-in

Large workspace

The Large workplace plug-in allows you to print on printers that are larger than one meter on any axis. 
Printing large also requires different settings, therefore we have improved the relevant features with a specific focus on the Large workspace. 
This allows you:

  • Precise start and stop of extrusion
  • Automatic infill connections
  • Seamless prints with improved Continuous Z


The REALview plug-in provides a realistic 3D visualization of your object, giving you a better understanding of what it will look like in real life. This can help you to make design decisions, identify potential issues, and ensure that your final product meets your expectations. With REALview you can:

  • See your final product before it exists 
  • Save time, money and material 
  • Customize your 3D printed objects in real-time
  • View and manipulate 3D objects from anywhere