REALview plugin in REALvision Pro

Reduce costs and improve 3D print quality with augmented reality

Do you wish to see your 3D printed objects in reality before they are printed? You can preview your 3D model in hand before printing it with the REALview plug-in. Experience your object in augmented reality. All you need is a webcam and a printed marker object. 

A realistic visualization of your final product before it exists

REALview provides a realistic 3D visualization of your object, giving you a better understanding of what it will look like in real life. This can help you make design decisions, identify potential issues, and ensure that your final product meets your expectations.


Save time, money and material with REALview

By visualizing your 3D printed object in augmented reality, you can identify design flaws and make necessary changes before printing. This can save you time, money, and materials that would have been wasted on printing flawed objects.


Customize your 3D printed objects in real-time

REALview allows you to customize and personalize your 3D printed objects in real-time. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, and sizes, and see how they look in real life, which can help you make better design decisions.


View and manipulate 3D objects from anywhere

REALview is easily accessible, makes it possible to view and manipulate 3D objects from anywhere, using just a smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to share designs and collaborate with others, regardless of their location.

How to get the REALview plug-in

You can activate the REALview plug-in in REALvision Pro easily and even for free if you choose the Corporate plan! You just need to go to Plug-ins in the menu in REALvision Pro and choose REALview. There you can find a setup guide and you can load the focus object to the workspace and 3D print it right from there.

REALview focus object in REALvision Pro

Reliable software supported by real 3D printing experience

Experience behind the trusty toolbox is the key to success. The software is based on the REALvision core, which is the backbone of the slicing software for a decade serving printer manufacturers as a white-label software. There is a team of experts who knows 3D printing from the inside out, continuously working on updates and new features. They are not only writing codes but constantly testing material, print settings, and experimenting. This is the expertise that REALvision Pro customers can access without risking their problems being posted in an online forum.