Basic profile settings in REALvision Pro

Basic profile settings in REALvision Pro

The Beginner series is made for those who want to learn the basic workflow of how to get started with REALvision Pro 3D printing slicing software.

This video will introduce you the basic profile settings: Choosing a printer, material and printing profile in REALvision Pro. 

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Profile settings:

1. Start by opening a STL file

2. Select the correct printer model from the drop down.

3. Use the dropdown to choose between different materials. For the full list of certified materials, choose ”add new” from any one of the drop down menus.

4.  Either choose an existing preset or open settings to adjust the printing options

Reliable software supported by real 3D printing experience

Experience behind the trusty toolbox is the key to success. The software is based on the REALvision core, which is the backbone of the slicing software for a decade serving printer manufacturers as a white-label software. There is a team of experts who knows 3D printing from the inside out, continuously working on updates and new features. They are not only writing codes but constantly testing material, print settings, and experimenting. This is the expertise that REALvision Pro customers can access without risking their problems being posted in an online forum.