SlicEx and Voxelfill - the story of stronger prints and a partnership

In the domain of 3D printing, a special collaboration is taking shape. Create it REAL and Aim3D have joined strengths to introduce cutting-edge technologies that promise to elevate the world of additive manufacturing. Let’s delve into the details.

Introducing SlicEx

At FormNext 2023, Create it REAL and Aim3D made a significant announcement: the launch of SlicEx. This specialized slicer, seamlessly integrated with Aim3D’s ExAM printers, sets a new standard for precision in 3D printing. Watch the video showcasing the capabilities of SlicEx.

Voxelfill - advancing 3D Printing strength

The innovation didn’t stop there. The collaboration unveiled Voxelfill, a groundbreaking print strategy designed to enhance the strength of 3D prints. Compatible with various materials, including plastics, metals, and ceramics, Voxelfill promises to revolutionize the industry. Watch the video showcasing the versatility and strength of Voxelfill in action.

Witness strength in action

But how does Voxelfill actually work? We conducted a simple test to demonstrate its effectiveness—printing an angle mount known for weakness around the mounting hole. The video reveals a compelling breaking test, comparing a part printed with Voxelfill against one printed without.

Growing together

Beyond technology, this partnership is about more than innovation—building connections and pushing the achievable boundaries. Voxelfill emerges as the go-to solution for 3D printing various materials using the CEM process, promising faster construction, improved layer filling, and a competitive edge for the entire industry.

Make your ideas REAL

Our commitment extends beyond technology. At Create it REAL, we boast a dedicated team committed to bringing unique capabilities to life. Our software is as distinctive as your printer, offering the experience of having your own software team.

In the tale of SlicEx and Voxelfill, a narrative of strength, precision, and partnership unfolds—a story that goes beyond the printed layers, resonating with the collaborative spirit that propels innovation in 3D printing.

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