Five benefits of precise print time estimation

Accurate time management (estimating print duration) and filament usage are critical for successful 3D printing projects, which sets REALvision Pro apart from other slicer software. With precise information on print time and material usage, you can make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability. 

For large production companies in additive manufacturing, accurate data on print time and material usage allow you to track your performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward. Whether it’s optimizing your printing process, reducing material waste, or improving your project management, data-driven decisions help you stay ahead of the curve and deliver high-quality results.

Accurate time management and filament usage are even more critical if you’re running a 3D print service. REALvision Pro provides precise information that allows you to manage your resources effectively, control costs, and provide your clients with accurate quotes. 

Here are five examples of exploiting the accurate print time data in REALvision Pro and one expert tip on automating quotations and only dealing with qualified leads:

1: More accurate quotes

Accurate print time and filament usage information lead to more precise quotes, lowering the chance of unexpected costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. This helps the print service be competitive by providing fair quotes, increasing confidence in cost control, and ultimately delivering better customer service than overcharging as a risk reduction.

2: Data-driven decision-making

Accurate data on print time and filament usage provides:

  • Valuable information for knowing exact costs.
  • Confidence that pricing to customers is always competitive. Enabling data-driven decision-making to grow offering to customers. .
  • Helping your company improve processes and continuously reach production goals.

3: Better capacity planning

The exact print time and filament usage allow knowing precisely the availability of every 3D printer, which lets users plan capacity more effectively and provide an accurate delivery time estimation to customers.

4: Planning and Shipping

The exact print time allows you to plan post-processing and shipping perfectly, turning your service into an optimized “just-in-time” flexible production service.  This allows you to offer extra services, such as high-priority orders.  

5: Improved reliability and consistency

Accurate information on print time and filament usage enable you to reproduce consistent results and avoid surprises during printing. When the settings are saved in profiles, it is easy to replicate in similar objects and make production constant and reliable. 

Expert tip: make an API integration to REALvision Pro and enable live quoting

Accurate time management and filament usage estimation can be a powerful tools in your print service business. Do you need to spend less time quoting and estimating? Why not automate the process?

Let the users upload their stl file and slice the object. Combine the filament usage and print time information with your data and make an automatic, accurate estimate. Free your resources to only deal with qualified leads.