Introducing REALvision Pro 4.2.1 update

We’re excited to bring you the latest advancements in 3D printing with the release of REALvision Pro 4.2.1! This powerful update enhances your 3D printing experience and introduces compatibility with new Elegoo printer models.


What’s new:


Added support for new Elegoo printer models:

  • Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro
  • Elegoo Neptune 2S
  • Elegoo Neptune 3
  • Elegoo Neptune 4



  • Resolved the issue of adequately utilizing hardware rendering for laptops with NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Fixed backward compatibility issues with machine profiles.
  • Addressed the problem of belt workspaces limiting the Y-axis model scale.
  • Solved issues with 3D G-code preview of pure retraction moves.
  • Fixed the issue where some holes in support structures would be filled with infill.
  • Various improvements and fixes in the updater.
  • Rectified the issue with excessively slow slicing, around 67% for certain setting combinations.


Update REALvision Pro 4.2.1 and elevate your 3D printing game today. Experience unparalleled compatibility and performance with your Elegoo printers.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology!