Press release: Customize the 3D printing toolbox with plugins

And get a second seat included in the personal plan

Five months after the official launch of REALvision Pro. We are back with big and exciting news.

Press release, Aalborg, May 2023

We at Create it REAL are proud to release the first of three planned updates in 2023 for our REALvision Pro 3D printer software.
We will be available to answer questions and demo the software. If you want to schedule a demo or an interview, contact Mette Kristensen at [email protected].

Inviting industry partners to join the party

We are excited to announce the launch of our new plug-in section, which brings even more functionality and value to our flagship software, REALvision Pro. With this release, we have added two new plug-ins that expand our software’s capabilities and offer new collaboration opportunities.

Our plug-in section is designed to provide industry partners and third-party developers with a platform to develop and distribute plug-ins that work seamlessly with our software. By collaborating with our partners, we can offer you even more tools and features tailored to your needs.


As Create it REAL CEO Jacob Moelbach Nissens explains: “One of the significant benefits of the plug-in section is a cost-effective alternative to expensive CAM solutions. You can access a wide range of tools and features within REALvision Pro. This will save you money and give you more value. Plus, our partners benefit from a fast and easy way to bring their products to market.”

We are thrilled to offer two new plug-ins with the launch of the plug-in section: Large Workspace, and REALview (free of charge). These plug-ins provide new functionality and features that allow you to take your 3D printing to the next level. Users with our corporate plan can purchase these plug-ins directly from our shop.

Even greater value in the personal plan

We have listened to our users and adjusted our entry-level plan, introducing the Personal plan with two seats available for a subscription price of $9.95 monthly or $99.95 yearly. And that’s not all – we’re offering new users a FREE first month to try out our software and see how it can benefit them! Plus, if they play the Benchy game on our website, they can win a discount on an early subscription.
The Personal plan includes personal help for solving software-related issues. You won’t find this kind of dedicated support anywhere else!

Horizontal Modifier: A game-changing addition to the modifier family

REALvision Pro, the leading provider of 3D printing solutions, has introduced its newest member of the modifier family: the Horizontal Modifier. This powerful new feature allows users to add settings to every layer of the model, e.g., to reduce the speed on regions with challenging overhangs instead of using support. For expert users, this is a way to minimize material usage and save print time.

“The Horizontal Modifier is a key addition to our software suite, and it reflects our commitment to providing users with powerful tools that make 3D printing faster, more efficient, and more precise than ever before,” said Jeremie Gay, founder, and CTO of REALvision Pro. “We are excited to offer our users even more control over the printing process, and we believe that the Horizontal Modifier will have a significant impact on the industry.”

With the Horizontal Modifier, users can also make thin high-quality layers on regions with essential details. This new feature is just one of many innovative tools available in REALvision Pro’s comprehensive software suite.

Setting a new standard for frequent updates

“We’re not stopping here,” said Jacob Moelbach Nissen, CEO of REALvision Pro. “With this update, we’re setting high expectations for the future. Our users can expect to see updates 2-3 times per year, not just bug fixes and new printers, but real updates with plug-ins and features that will enhance their 3D printing experience. We’re committed to being the best and most user-friendly 3D printer software out there, and that’s why we’ve also launched a beta tester program to get direct feedback from our users.”

In addition to the Horizontal Modifier and other new features, the REALvision Pro update also includes added support for more printers, expanding the software’s already extensive compatibility list.

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