Benefits of joining our reseller program

Be one of the first resellers to join the REALvision Pro program and become our trusted partner with recurring income after the first sale. We are opening our program to the first 3-5 resellers to join and even offer a chance to influent the business model.

Increase customer success in 3D printing

Becoming a REALvision Pro reseller increases your product portfolio with a professional slicing tool that makes your customers more successful in applying 3D printing technology to their business.

Recurring revenue model

As a reseller, you will benefit from a recurring licensing model. You will receive payments for your signed-up customers as long as they subscribe to the REALvision Pro 3D printing software products.

Contact your REALvision Pro users

A planned feature in REALvision Pro is the opportunity to send out messages to your registered users providing an effective communication channel directly to the operators of 3D printers.

It is easy to join the reseller program​​

Our reseller program is designed to benefit both you as a reseller and our company so that we can grow together. Press the apply now bottom and learn more about how.

Flexible Customer Service Package

We offer a flexible customer service package including the possibility to conduct the first line of customer support by our experienced team at Create it REAL. Naturally, the service package can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

Our reseller program does not include a minimum yearly sales of licenses to stay in our program in the case where Create it REAL provides the first line of customer support. Hence, no initial cash out when signing up.

Reseller Package for your website

As a reseller you will be provided with a marketing package making it easy to get started and maintain the REALvision Pro Products on your website. The marketing package includes product descriptions, videos, and release notes.  We provide everything you need to efficiently promote and profit from REALvision Pro products.

Take a closer look at what REALvision Pro can offer:​

  • Powerful slicing tool allowing for high-quality prints and fast printing using our novel material property-based slicing engine at its finest
  • Smart limits to stay inside recommended settings
    Intuitive user interface – with tooltips
  • Complex features wrapped in the simple user interface: 3D lattice infills, setting modifiers, automatic and manual support generation
  • Extensive features to be exploited by the professional user, including access to more than 150 settings
  • Professional first-level support

REALvision Pro has more than 10 years of user-driven development, released exclusively as white-label software – now released for a general license plan.

Reseller program​

Are you interested in learning more about our reseller program or instantly know you want to join?

We kindly ask you to apply to the following email: